My “Hello World!” Post

Welcome to my work-in-process blog! I thought that in this first post, I should share a bit of information about my background – and vision. Here we go!

During college, just up the street from my first apartment, was a natural food store that sold herbs. By that time, I had discovered green tea and heard that it was one of the healthiest things a person could possibly consume. I began creating my own blends of tea, enjoying their aromas, colors and various flavors. Since then, my interest in learning about the healing properties of the herbs has continued to grow. As I continue learning, discovering good information, and finding great recipes, I will share details here.

More recently, I’ve become interested in aromatherapy. I love pleasant smells, natural products, and learning about safe and natural ways to feel good and improve overall well-being. I am currently learning about essential oils and gathering recipes to try – I will share my experiences here. This blog will be a nice place to house aromatherapy and natural recipes – or “experiments,” don’t you think?

There is another element that I’ll be adding, which will be to provide a pathway to information relevant to some of the herbs, oils, and mind-body practices discussed here. My work as a medical librarian introduced me to resources and methods of discovering high quality information and clinical evidence on many topics. I feel my ability to navigate health information for strong and relevant materials allows me to share “leads” here that will be useful to a broader audience. Over time, I will continue to add links and customized searches to the pages listed across the top of this blog.

So, that’s my vision in a nutshell: Let’s talk about herbs, & oils, experiment safely with them, and share some health information. The blog has no official name yet. Any suggestions?

Thanks for visiting!

Jessica Cole, MLIS, AHIP

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One thought on “My “Hello World!” Post

  1. I love green tea, herbs, and pretty much anything else that smells yummy. I look forward to you sharing some aromatherapy recipes. 🙂


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