Introducing the Mind-Body Clinical Evidence Page!

Greetings! This post is a quick introduction to one of the pages displayed at the top of this blog that I fear readers might miss, Clinical Evidence: Mind-Body. Below is a list of mind-body practices, and each word is hyperlinked to a custom set of search results from the medical literature. Pretty cool, huh? The medical librarian in me is alive and well! If there are topics you would like to see added to this list, please post a comment, and I will build a search!

Mind-Body Practicescam_wordle

What evidence is available on mind and body practices? What studies have been done? Systematic reviews (including meta-analyses) are articles that summarize several studies on a given topic. They are produced by research teams who plan carefully to reduce bias and summarize the best available evidence. Study results may reveal evidence for or against any treatment, they may be mixed, and they are sometimes inconclusive.

See systematic reviews and meta-analyses from PubMed/Medline by clicking on a topic below. There are likely many more materials available for each topic in PubMed; these links take you to a smaller subset of the strongest types of materials that often provide helpful summaries. Contact a medical librarian for help building a customized search or to find individual clinical studies. Note: If you wish to read more than the Pubmed abstract, contact your library to obtain the full text article. Free articles are also included among the search results.


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