Capturing the Essence of Roses: How to Make an Herbal Infusion

The day of lovers has come and gone, and spring is in the air! If you happen to have some Valentine’s Day roses left behind, don’t toss them. Why not let their memory linger on by using them to make yourself something special? Let the petals dry, and use them to create an oil-based infusion you can then use in other products! Below is a short video that shows how to prepare the infusion by pouring oil over dried petals. Place the jar in a sunny window for about six weeks, shaking it daily. Then strain it through a cheesecloth. From there, the next stage of the project is yours to choose. Scroll down for one sample recipe that you can use with your finished oil.

Here is how to create a simple, roll-on perfume with this once the waiting game has passed: Fill a glass roll-on bottle (these can be purchased from Amazon or nearly to the top with your home-made rose oil. Leave some space at the top of the bottle so you can add in some essential oils. I add 15 drops of rose absolute, and blend in 10 drops of vanilla absolute; the amount comes down to personal preference. The result is a light and subtle, romantic scent. To see a similar roll-on perfume recipe, check out Patchouli-Lavender Roll-on Perfume from last summer.


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