Browse Essential Oil Articles in the Medical Literature

Do you know about clinical studies and results that involved your favorite oils? Essential oils have made plenty of appearances in the medical literature, so for your browsing pleasure, I’ve created custom result sets below that will allow you to peruse results for information advocating for and against various essential oils.

Many of these articles are free or available from your library by request. Often, there is enough detail in the title or abstracts themselves to reveal a study’s results, which is helpful.

When planning to use essential oils, learn as much as possible about your oils in advance. This knowledge may inform your decisions about appropriate dilution rates and products for particular oils. It should be noted that many people have allergies, so keep this in mind when using essential oils. The oils are highly concentrated and are much more than just an aroma. It is a good idea to conduct a skin patch test when first using an oil, just in case. If you are new to essential oils, explore safety information, such as what can be found here or here; then, continue asking questions and doing your own research.

Click the links below to see related MEDLINE results for each essential oil listed. Add a comment if you would like to see results for an oil that was not included.



Clary Sage











Tea Tree



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